About Us

We are a brand driven by the passion to provide an easy and effective at home teeth whitening solution to our valuable customers. The essence of SMARTWHITE and the core values that make up our brand include:


Giving our customers a way to take care of their teeth at home to feel more confident about their smile and to stand out in their sphere of contact.


It’s simple, white teeth look better than yellow teeth. White teeth are not only more attractive, they complement the overall physical appearance and confidence to smile.

Solution focused

We are not a brand that is going to confuse you with a catalogue of 10+ products. We want to take the confusion away and offer you an all-in-one at home teeth whitening kit that you can use to get a whiter, brighter smile and maintain it at home. We know what works and that is exactly what we offer.

Our mission is to help you gain confidence in your smile again and improve not only your smile, but your self-esteem too.


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