Why Smartwhite?

Our teeth whitening kit is safe and the formula is effective. We have proven results and we are confident you can achieve your desired result with our whitening kit.  We offer a money-back guarantee so you can purchase confidently. Smartwhite uses a leading-edge formula created to be enhanced by our blue-light LED technology to give you fast results. Our peroxide-free,  non-sensitive formula is the safest and most effective way to whiten your teeth at home. The gel contains safe active bleaching agents that whiten the discoloured molecules without damaging your teeth.

Our teeth whitening mouth tray LED light adopts special cold light technology, combined with mouthpiece and high-intensity cold light. Blue-ray reacts with the leading-edge teeth whitening gel which will effectively remove the stains on the tooth surface.

Smartwhite teeth whitening kit can whiten your teeth up to 3 shades after a single 16-minute treatment.

Our key ingredients


Active bleaching agent that whitens the discoloured molecules inside your tooth


Hydroxyapatite has proven cavity demineralization and reparation of the tooth surface


Desensitising agent used in dentistry that protects the nerve

 A full list of ingredients can be found in the FAQS section of our website.

What is included

Each kit contains one LED mouthpiece, 3 gel pens, a user manual, and 3D shade guide. Apple/Adnroid USB port connectors. Instructions are also included on the back of the kit.


For best results use at night after brushing your teeth. We recommend you use the kit for 6 consecutive nights for optimal results.


Do not use if you are under the age of 16. Do not use if your teeth are decaying or loose. Do not use if you are pregnant or lactating.

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